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  • Specifications : (example)

    10.1" Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Module

    1.    Structure: GG

           (Tempered Cover Glass + Double-Side ITO Sensor Glass);
    2.    Touch Controller: GT928; 10 points Multi-Touch;
    3.    Interface: I2C; Address 0xBA/0xBB; Interrupt Pull Low;

    4.    Firmware version: A1;
    5.    Resolution: 1280x800;
    6.    Light transmittance: ≥ 88%;
    7.    Operation temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C;
    8.    Storage temperature: -30°C ~ +80°C;
    9.    Operation voltage: DC 3.3V(VDD); 3.3V(I/O);
    10.  Insulation resistance: 20MΩ (DC 25V);
    11.  RoHS compliant.



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Capacitive Touch Panels (CTP)

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The capacitive touch panel is the essential interface that enables users to interact intuitively with advanced and innovative devices, facilitating seamless completion of intricate applications.

Recognized as a pioneering touch solution provider, ASIAPRO offers a comprehensive range of customizable touchscreen options tailored to meet the stringent demands of professional and reliable designs.

Our touch panels are seamlessly integrated into a wide array of intelligent electronic devices, encompassing cutting-edge consumer and commercial products, dependable automotive and medical equipment, as well as robust industrial and outdoor applications.